First off, I'm not a big fan of dentists in general. I've always experienced quite a bit of anxiety in the dentist's chair and it's not something I look forward to. I've been going to Modern Family Dental for about 4 years now and they have been great. Dr Lee is extremely understanding of my anxiety and in fact hates having dental work done himself. Everyone in the office is super nice and no lectures about how I should floss more. I have had to have several crowns in the past year and they always manage to squeeze me in on moments notice. I go to the Clackamas location and they are the first denitist I've been to that have a machine that mills crowns onsite. This means the whole procedure can be done in one visit instead of the traditional method of a having a temporary crown while a lab manufactures the permanent one.

Last week I had to have my first root canal which was not enjoyable, but Dr Lee made great efforts to make sure I wasn't uncomfortable, and even called me the next day to check up on me. I live in Hillsboro now and still drive all the way to Clackamas, but it's totally worth it. This is really the way a small business should be ran and I plan to continue to be a customer.
Vaughn A.

My wife and I really enjoy coming to this office! We experience great cleanings and pain free treatment. I especially like the fact that they check if I'm doing ok during my treatment. Their staff work well together and I always hear the doctor thank his assistants. I feel comfortable here and I know you would also!
Nelu M.

I highly recommend Drs. Nathan Lee, Penny Lam, and Alexis Ly, whose patients I, my family, and the friends I've referred have been since Modern Family Dental opened years ago. They are genuinely caring, friendly, easy to talk with, scrupulous about cleanliness, and pain-free. They are clearly top-notch in their field and dedicated to offering the latest and best treatments to their patients. They strive to make their patients as comfortable as possible, and, perhaps because so skilled, they are also fast, which I particularly appreciate, not wanting to spend more time than necessary in a dentist's chair. They are supportive and helpful, rather than scolding like some dentists. Their assistants are also professional and caring. The office accommodates scheduling, and their receptionist Aleena is especially pleasant and helpful. You will not find kinder people in any profession.
Wendy F.

I just got my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Lee the other day. This was my second time visiting Dr. Lee for dental work. He is so kind and welcoming. You feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you walk into the office. I chose to only get the local anesthetic for my extractions and it went really well. I did not experience any pain just pressure. All of the hygienists and assistants are super sweet and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a dentist then try Modern Family. They have 3 locations. I am sure you will be pleased with your experience.
Marnie L.

Fast, efficient, professional and extremely friendly. Dr. Lee and his abilities are unsurpassed. I have never felt that dental work is suggested if it really isn't needed. My wife has always been anxious about visiting the dentist. She is at ease with Modern Family Dental that she almost looks forward to her visits! She also gets to "catch up" with the lives of an awesome staff! Reasonable and accomodating. Visit for all your dental work!
Tom S.

I have never been a huge dental fan.... Until now! I absolutely love the doctors and staff at modern family dental. I love Dr Lee so much. After getting my wisdom teeth he called me at home that night to check on me! I felt extremely cared for and respect that about modern family dental. The environment is welcoming and thy truly want what's best for your teeth and pocket book. I would absolutely recommend modern family dental to anyone.
Brenda B.

You must go to this office!! From the minute I walked into this office to when I leave, I am treated very well by all the staff. Their quality of care and level of compassion they have for their patients is amazing! Their staff is so skilled and their billing is straight forward and simple. I have been very satisfied with the work I have had done and I would recommend anyone who wants an ENJOYABLE time at the dentist to go to Modern Family Dental!!
Tiffany G.

I started going to Modern Family Dental in Clackamas a little over a year ago. I was suffering from a horrible toothache, called them on a Monday morning and they saw me the same day. Same thing yesterday, went into your office to make an appointment and was able to see Dr. Lee right away, he took very good care of me, as did the staff. I just love that whether I am there for a cleaning, or getting a tooth pulled, you are always asking if I am doing o.k. while the work is being done. I will recommend you to any one I know who is looking for a great dentist with wonderful staff. THANK YOU for taking such good care of me this past year:):)
Margaret B.

Thank you Dr Lee for taking care of my tooth! You did a wonderful job on my root canal!
Erica L.

Awesome, amazing, great, wonderful!!!!
Michele S.

The staff is friendly and very helpful. I always enjoy my trip to the dentist!
Monica B.

friendly and helpful, makes dental experience bearable
Carl R.

The best service EVER! My family and I have been going to Modern Family Dental for over 12 years. During the course of time I was able to get to know Dr. Nathan Lee, Dr. Penny Lee, and Dr. Alexis Ly. The dentists and the staff members were courtesy and professional. They have taken the time and effort needed to get to know me, my spouse, and our three children. The office always have toothbrushes and toothpaste whenever we came in. The service is always fast and professional. The dentists are extremely competent and my family and I have been smiling great smiles from our first visit!!!
D. Larsen

Amazing service! Extremely professional. I came into the office to get a cleaning done. Was greeted promptly and quickly seen by Dr. Alexis Ly. She was very friendly and helpful. Asked me multiple times whether all my questions have been answered and whether there was anything else she can do for me. This was not just professional service, but personal service.
Andrea L.

They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better.
B. Stevens

I have to write this as I have had dental anxiety my whole life! Dr. Lee and Dr. Busi are very patient and kind and oh so accommodating! They make me feel less anxious and I actually don't stress as much about going. Dr Lee I know better than Dr. Busi and he remembers who I am and takes the time to chat and help me feel relaxed when I get there. He even got me to use the epinephrine ( which does cause your heart to race a bit), and that is something that made my anxiety worse so I didn't use it and used the local instead( which took several shots of to keep me numb) so he took the time to administer it slowly and patiently waited with me to make sure I had no questions or problems ..That to me says he cares!! Thank you so much Modern Family Dental! (on a side note ...anytime I have had a dental emergency they worked me in right away! I ) The receptionist are very nice as well as the office manager! Two thumbs up!!
Tanya W.

Seriously five stars! Dr. Lee was more than gentle and patient, I really felt respected and valued. I will continue to come over and over. I would recommend this practice and location to anyone. If it's a little out of your way I would suggest get an extra gas fill up because it's worth the drive. I also really appreciate the amount of care and consideration for my understating the doctor took. He made sure without me even asking, that I was given a quick explanation for every procedure he did. I did tell the staff and Dr. Lee that I have had bad experience with the dentist and this may help color my experience. However I could hear and see how he treated other patients and I would assess him to have a high level or professionalism.
Carmen A.

I highly recomment Dr. Nathan Lee. After avoiding a dentist for 15 years, I started going ot Dr. Nathan Lee in March 2012. After years of neglect, I had a number of issues with my teeth--including needing a crown for root canal that I left with a temporary filing for 15 years. I also had ten cavities that needed to be filled. Dr. Lee quickly took care of my most serious problem (my unfinished root canal that needed to be crowned). He then moved on to my most serious cavities. It took some time to fix all my problems, but Dr. Lee did an excellent job. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and Modern Family Dental. It is the best dental group I have ever been to. Dr. Lee is noit only techically very skilled, he is a very nice man.
Jason W.

After losing hope of trying to find an orthodontist with reasonable price for my extreme over bite, I found Dr.Lee at Modern Family Dental. He's very professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented, kind, caring, gentle, honest, and friendly which made me feel very comfortable going in for my appointments.

I was also going through a personal situation during the process where I wasn't able to drive because of my injuries and Dr. Lee was doing everything to work with that and made sure i receive my aligners and wear them when i supposed to. He was seeing if I was closer to his other office or that he could mail me the aligners to my house. Either way it was very convenient.

What I appreciated most with Dr.Lee was that after the process was done, I was happy with the results but he thought my teeth could get a bit more straight so he asked for my opinion and I agreed. He got me a few more aligners at no charge!!!! Yea, who else does that anymore!?

My teeth are now looking MUCH better and I'm no longer afraid to smile. Big thanks to Dr.Lee and his wonderful staffs.

Highly recommend and you won't be disappointed :)
Brenda P

Very professional and gentle! I will refer my friends and family :)
Heather T.